11 ways to keep your guests safe at your wedding during Covid-19

If you’re planning for your destination wedding in Spain right now, you should read this blog.

We have been discussing with other wedding pros the best ways you can keep your guests safe at your event during this pandemic times.

Even if you’re having an intimate wedding, there’re safety precautions you should have in place by law. I also feel that you’ll want to know that your guests feel comfortable and protected during your special occasion so that they can relax and truly enjoy the day!

With this thought in mind here are some tips on how we’ve helped our clients create a safe environment for their guests during this challenging times.

Let’s get started!

#1. Prioritize physical distancing as a rule…!

Physical distancing or social distancing , means that guests should be at least two meters apart from each other at all times. Make sure to make practical adjustments to your ceremony and reception to follow the guidelines.

#2. Temperature Check

Not having a fever doesn’t provide a 100% confirmation that the person isn’t sick with Covid-19.

On the other hand, we all know that if you’re suffering with fever, you should avoid contact with other people, just in case. More importantly at a wedding where you’ll be in close contact with so many guests.

So, our first tip is to set up a temperature check as guests arrive. It’s by no means an easy task to tell one of your guests that they can’t partake of the celebration if it turns out they indeed have a temperature.

We advise to let this temperature check to the venue personnel which they’ll be obliged to do anyways.

You can also give the heads up to all your guests about this measure so that they don’t feel uneasy as they arrive to your event and are fully aware as to what to expect.

#3. Make Hand Sanitizer Available to Anyone

After we all have been living for so many months with the virus, it should go without saying that hand sanitizer should be freely available to all your guests. And in different areas around the venue.

A good way to reach every one of your guests with hand sanitizer and which most of our couples are doing is giving a small bottle to everyone. It’s not only a thoughtful detail that tells your guests you have their safety in mind but also a great way to personalize your event.

I don’t suggest though to give hand sanitizer as a wedding favor. You can include the sanitizer bottle in your gift bag -if you’re doing one- as an extra token or place them in a display you can set up by the entrance.

#4. Set Ceremony Chairs Further Apart

This safety move should be easier if you have fewer guests. Your layout can be more flexible, and you can be more creative with the arrangements. You can either create a layout where families from the same household sit together or just space all chairs out evenly 2 meters apart.

Add a twist on tradition and experiment! There’re so many fun ways to build up your layout really.

Try a meandering path, multiple aisles, a side entrance or interesting shapes for your chairs such as semi-circles, squares, asymmetrical rows…there’s no limit to the imagination!

#5. Make Sure that Everyone Wears their Mask.

I know that wearing a mask for your wedding isn’t the most attractive look!
Masks aren’t beautiful or festive, maybe with the only exception being the Carnival of Venice!

However, they have been shown to be very effective protection against the virus.

By making sure that everyone is wearing a mask at your wedding, you’d be not only protecting your guests and loved ones but also complying with the law of the state.

We encourage our couples to provide masks to their guests in their chosen color palette.

To further make them more personal, you could include you & your partner initials.

#6. Rethink your Seating Arrangements

Current restrictions in Andalusia allow only 4 guests per table which increases to 6 guests if they share the same household.
As we see it, it doesn’t have to affect your overall layout at al. So, don’t despair.

Try to group people from the same household on the same table.

It doesn’t matter if you end up having tables of 4 and tables of 6 …! That’s ok.

If you only have 25 guests for instance, an option that I prefer is to create really long and really wide tables. This way, all your guests can come together in a kind of communal table.

You would need either one or two tables depending on your guests list.

To achieve this push 2 tables 1 meter wide each together. Then add as many tables as you need lengthwise. Remember to space the chairs 2 meters from each other to comply with current social distancing regulations.

You’ll end up with a beautiful & intimate banquet style table for your reception, while keeping up with safety rules.

#7. Take It Outside!

Our amazing weather in Marbella, should make it easier to take your wedding outside for most of the year.

There’re some months when it’s still advisable though to have a Plan B in the form of a tent for venues that don’t have a roofed area.

Think of it this way: an outdoor reception even when tented would allow you to keep your guests more comfortable and safer and surely should allow you to have a bigger guest list.

Remember that in light of the Covid-19 many venues have had their room capacity updated to keep in line with social distancing rules. Check in advance and make sure that your guest list is not over your venue’s capacity. If that’s the case, you’ll need to make some adjustments.

#8. Go Creative with your catering vendors!

Less guests means a bigger available budget for your catering.
Many couples are taking advantage of this and elevating the dining experience for their remaining guests.
Some ideas on this department:

1. Switch the buffet or any other type of food display for plated meals that are served individually.

2. Ask your caterer to provide snack boxes.

3. Or ask your caterer to provide a catered picnic basket. You can include a monogram blanket with your initials for personalization. Your guests will feel part of the party even when they’re seating far away from each other.

The idea behind these tactics is to prevent your guests from having to get in line or stand next to someone who isn’t part of their group.

In one of my recent weddings the caterer really worked hard to come up with a deliciously safe cocktail reception that included options such as: crepes & salmon paired with Ketel One Vodka shots and hamburger sliders served with shots of craft beer and fish tacos with shots of mezcal while keeping up with all social distancing regulations.

As you see, safety doesn’t stop couples from providing a delicious & enjoyable experience for their guests!

#9. Check that safe food practices are being used.
You want to work closely with your caterer and venue in all aspects of the dining experience. Wearing gloves while preparing food isn’t enough anymore. Rather the service staff needs to wear gloves at all times. Even when setting up the tables and configuring the space. Smart moves such as personalized labels and boxes of appetizers with names on the outside let guests know that their food is safe.
#10. Utilize one-use only eco-friendly flatware/utensils.
Another way that you can increase your guests’ safety is to ask the caterer to use flatware that is one-use only. There are eco-friendly versions of these types of flatware, so speak with your caterer and venue about the options.

#11. Desserts & Cake safety

The wedding cake is an important part of your reception! And should continue to be so in a safe manner:
Tell your baker to create personal size mini cakes instead of a large cake. Or have him to provide pre -cut slices wrapped individually.

Other options that work fantastically well are small pies, decorative cookies, cupcakes.

Dessert carts packed with mini treats presented on separate shelves such as : tiramisu, chocolate and strawberry tarts, macaroons, lemon pie, assorted pastries are becoming very popular at this very moment.

So, what do you think? Contact us if you want to plan together for an enjoyably safe wedding experience in Marbella!

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