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Mitsy Co.

01. Connect

Either by Email, Telephone or Zoom.

We love to get to know our clients and their personalities.

In our initial meeting, we’ll discover how well we suit each other & how best we’ll work together.

Your story, vision and style will help us offer the best planning service proposal for your needs!

02. Plan

We take the stress out of the picture and cultivate joy during the planning phase.

Through our personalised online planning tool, we can manage all the details about vendors, budget and schedules.

Our platform keeps everything conveniently in one place.

03. Design

We’ll be loyal to your vision & the ideas you want to communicate while also contributing unique propositions.

Our personalised inspiration boards will combine all the elements so that you can experience how your day(s) will come together.

04. Celebrate

We’re so excited to bring your dream to life, wow your guests and stage a sparkling experience to be remembered for years to come!

We will manage the event’s timeline, provide the necessary staff, be the sole point of contact for all the vendors and say goodbye to your last guest.

You’ll be free to focus on what matters most!

What you get !

One-of-a-kind events GUARANTEED.

OUR Process:

01. The perfect wedding day starts with a CRYSTAL CLEAR PROCESS.

02. From our first meeting to every detail of your celebration: we aim to create a STRESS- FREE EXPERIENCE.

03. That allows you the freedom to focus on WHAT MATTERS MOST.

04. Decide to enjoy your family & friends and do not let planning TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE.


If you’ve never planned for a wedding or big event before, it’s better to have someone with experience on your side. Planning a wedding will be stressful and take a lot of your time, mostly if you’re planning a destination wedding from abroad. It’s a full- time job for my colleagues and me. By hiring our service, you’ll not only benefit from our support and clearly defined process but also from our local know-how, closely knitted connections and experience.
Do not fret! We’ve your back. We’re a fully bilingual team and will be your 100% trusted connectors with local suppliers. You’ll have the benefit of working with our talented, handpicked vendors who’re the best in their craft. However, we know some of them can’t speak English as a native. To ensure your ideas aren’t lost and that every detail is perfect, we take over the intermediary role with gusto as part of our planning services. As your wedding planner, we handle the stressful bits for you so that planning doesn’t take over your life.
You may know you want to get married in Marbella, and even like a specific venue. However, being locals, we know the first- hand details of every available option. We have direct access to little known wedding venues that could turn out to be the dream venue for you! You’ll benefit by having options to choose from & by knowing you are doing it with full insider knowledge. We offer a 100 % free venue tour as part of our Full Planning Service. Ask us about it!
For sure! We believe in collaboration and always LOVE to be introduced to other talented wedding pros. Just let’s know how involved you’d like us to be with them along the way.  You can trust we’ll help them with their travel arrangements or with tips for their stay if need be.
There are 4 different ceremony options available to those who plan to get married in Spain:

1 – Celebrate a civil ceremony in Spain. Possible only when one member of the couple has been a domiciled resident in Spain for at least 2 years.

2 – Civil ceremony in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is just an hour away, providing the perfect opportunity if you want to be legally married on your trip out here to Spain! Your civil ceremony in Gibraltar can be followed by a symbolic ceremony or blessing in mainland Spain.

3 – Catholic Church Ceremony. This is a legally binding church marriage.

4 – Civil ceremony in the UK followed by a blessing or symbolic ceremony in Spain. A very popular option, saving you money as well as taking the necessity for paperwork away!

Let us take care of all your legal paperwork so you don’t have to! With years of extensive knowledge, you can safely relax and know that we’ll be guiding you along each step of the way.
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