11 top trends to expect for your 2021 destination wedding in Spain

destination wedding in Spain

If you’re planning for your destination wedding in Spain right now, you should read this blog.

We have been doing some research.
Here we’re bringing you the top wedding trends for 2021 according to experts.

The pandemic has influence weddings in many ways. Couples have been very resilient, flexible and resourceful in finding ways to celebrate their day with their loved ones despite all the restrictions.

Some of these new ways will go away but some are here to stay!
If you want to know 11 top trends that will stay during 2021 read on!

Let’s get started!

#1. Intimate Weddings

Around the world, destination wedding pros agree that intimate weddings is the number 1 trend that will keep up growing during 2021.

“Intimacy. After all that has happened over the last year, I see that people are focusing more on the “why” they are getting married, rather than the “how”. Moving forward, weddings will be a lot more personal, intimate, and loving.” Shares Denise O’ Neil, Owner, DeniseLillie Engagements, USA.

The trend of valuing more your personal love story and the meaning of marriage over a big, impersonal celebration and dedication to the person you love comes first.

Couples are choosing an intimate and private setting more and more to celebrate their special day.

“Full wedding weekend experiences for more intimate numbers accompanied by interactive ceremonies and innovative layouts for ceremonies and receptions.” Points Terrica Skaggs, Industry Speaker, Cocktails & Details®, USA.

Abby Ayeh, Owner, Pretty Posh Events, USA. “More intimate, detailed, and personalized weddings! Couples are currently really buying into the concept of an intimate wedding that truly speaks to who they are. Additionally, the cost savings element attached to that idea is also very appealing to them. More curated and personal touches that truly celebrate the couple and those in attendance will be on the rise next year. For instance, I expect to see more personalized escort cards, place settings, favors, etc.”

We totally agree with the experts!

#2. Micro- Weddings

A micro wedding is an event with less than 50 guests in total. This type of arrangement offers flexibility and a very close experience which your guests. These are some of the main reasons why micro weddings are becoming a huge trend during the pandemic.

Giving an insight on the type of micro wedding Nilden Gezer, Luxury Destination Wedding Planner, Nilyum Wedding & Event Design, Turkey shares – “In micro weddings; there will be more free, informal, sincere, and fun creative and unique weddings with every detail. To avoid close contact with people in a closed environment, outdoor weddings will be a big trend in 2021.”

“Micro-weddings will be so much more popular, so couples would bargain on pampering their guests with better catering services, lush flower arrangements, and decoration!” Says Nancy Giannou, Event Planner, Bon Bon Studio Events, Greece.

“People have learned from the pandemic experience is to handpick their guests and have smaller but higher quality parties and that way enjoy it better. So I believe we will see a change in the number of guests.” Points Batya Heller, Event Planner from Israel.

Here in Marbella & Costa del Sol we’re expecting outdoor, more personalized weddings with your dearest and nearest. A very relaxed event with a guestlist of around 50 and a huge focus on the guest’s experience. A bigger per guest budget is also the norm which allows for some small luxuries and lots of detail…!

Other couples are doing a micro wedding at home while they wait for the big party to celebrate here in Marbella with family and friends.

We think it’s a very attractive solution during this pandemic times.

Intimate Wedding Marbella

#3. Sustainable Weddings

“2020 was mostly virtual weddings in 2021 outside and tented weddings are going to be a huge trend. My favorite since they allow you to be more creative.” Highlights Joann Gregoli, Owner, Elegant Occasions by JoAnn Gregoli, USA.

Speaking about invitations, Puneet Gupta, Director, Puneet Gupta Invitations, India shares “Going the eco-friendly route, the couples are opting in for more sustainable and organic materials. With that, tented weddings are increasingly in demand. “The seed paper invitations are very well appreciated along with fair trade and organic edibles and giveaways accompanied with the invites. Other sustainable mediums preferred are organic wooden peels, recycled handmade papers, textile scraps, etc. Pot plants are also well appreciated by a lot of brides.”

“The trends that will rule 2021 weddings will be Sustainability and Nature!” Reconfirms Kiran Mansharamani, Business Development Manager, Warq Events, Spain.

“There is a preference in being conscious of the style of the wedding celebration. For instance, the food for the catering is ordered from the local fresh market, the flowers are not wasted but donated locally..no use of plastic for example.” Shares Sabrina Piccinin, CEO & Founder, Haute Retreats, Italy.

We share these opinions too.

Here in Marbella, we are seeing couples that are more focussed on crafting weddings that are sustainable and eco-conscious. They are choosing carbon neutral suppliers, for instance. They want to really improve the future of our planet.

Supporting small and local businesses is becoming a priority for our couples during 2021.

They want to feel a connection to their food, do their bit for the environment and the local community.

Some actions such as planting tree’s ceremonies are more popular than ever.

We belief that wedding planning is being shaped more and more by our couple’s ethical principles. And we like that!

#4. Elopements

Wedding Spain Marbella

Eloping has become such a popular option for couples.

“A larger focus on intimate gatherings and elopements where the couple can focus on what they really want rather than accommodating large guest counts.” Says Mariah Milan, Owner, Mariah Milan, LLC, USA.

“Elopement may be one of the most popular wedding trends of Y2021. We’re starting to see many couples plan small affairs or elopements at the onset, rather than dealing with the potential headache and expense of downsizing due to COVID-19 later.” Shares Gayane Khojayan, CEO & Founder, Prestige Wedding Planner, Armenia.

“Elopement Weddings; Intimate Weddings; Weddings on breathtaking landscapes in the open.” Adds Simone Tostes, Founder, Aonde Casar, Brazil.

The elopement trend goes hand in hand with a bigger focus on romance. Our couples are letting go of restrictions and allowing their mutual love to dictate the course. Elopement can be a very practical route since it’s a step that eliminates uncertainty which can be a very frustrating feeling.

#5. Remote locations / Private resorts

Choosing the wedding venue will be a crucial decision for 2021 weddings. An emphasis on safety, privacy and intimacy will be at the top of most couple priorities.

We predict a preference for private villas with ample outdoor spaces where to celebrate ceremony and receptions.
Our couples are very fortunate since we have several options that fit that description here in Marbella and Andalucía.

“Due to the pandemic, there will be smaller to medium size weddings rather than weddings with a massive number of guests. Couples will choose somewhere remote, exclusive/private to host their wedding.” Reiterates Sinly Anfeny, Director/Owner, Bali Wedding Paradise, Indonesia.

“A lot of parties will be in remote or isolated locations in the thought of not letting anyone interfere or bother them and some with the health concerns- not to be involved with other people.” Says Batya Heller, Event Planner from Israel.

“Please don’t hesitate to plan your weddings because of Covid 19. Just take all the precautions and plan your dream wedding. Look at properties and hotels which can mostly be a buyout depending on the number of rooms required.” Adds Pawan Mirchandani, MD, Horizon Wie, India & Dubai.

#6. Safety -Minded Weddings

We’re all conscious of how important it’s to plan for a safe event. Couples want to make sure their guests feel that every measure has been taken to organize a wedding where they can enjoy and feel safe at the same time.

We’re all together on this and our planning prioritizes safety above everything else. We work with our couples to ensure social distancing is kept.

One silver lining of this situation? Creativity is at its highest…!

“Hygiene and protective measures will play a major role in hotels and venues and all supply companies. Strict implementation of social distance and planning and arrangement of seating arrangements accordingly.” Tells Nilden Gezer, Luxury Destination Wedding Planner, Nilyum Wedding & Event Design, Turkey.

“Couples will be more health-conscious when it comes to planning a wedding. Finding silver lining and some unexpected excitement in the shift of plans. Planning a COVID-safe wedding will likely mean the wedding now looks a little (or a lot) different than the couple first envisioned, there will be a need to remind couples that there is some excitement to be found in the change of plans.” Adds Mwai Yeboah, Love From Mwai, UK.

“A Must-Have: The welcome box “keep safe” including personalized hand sanitizers, masks, programs and details, and even take-home favors, allowing guests to experience the warmth of being welcomed into the wedding.” Shares Romina Feraretto, Luxury Wedding Planner, Romina Ferraretto Event Planners, Argentina.

“A safety kit with personalized masks, sanitizers, and face shields for your guests attending your weddings, making them feel like they are cared for and feel safe simultaneously.” Points Bhavnesh Sawhney, Co-founder, FB Celebrations, India.

“Giveaways such as personalized masks or favors set in boxes rather than handed out.” Says Jayne Davies, Wedding Manager, Constantinou Bros Athena Beach Hotel, Cyprus.

#7. Personalization & attention to detail

Most destination wedding couples may find themselves having to plan for a more intimate and exclusive celebration than they had originally thought.
A positive effect of smaller weddings is the opportunity for a greater personalization of the wedding experience and the opportunity to spoil your guests.
Remember: A smaller guests list comes with a bigger spending budget.
Our couples are showing a strong interest on creative decoration and lots of extras.
Also a strong focus on outdoor weddings where nature and natural elements take the lead.

“Couple’s won’t be afraid to spend that little bit extra. They’ve been denied their big day for so long and have been apart from friends and family for so long. They’ll want to ensure their wedding day is the best celebration since they’ve had so long to plan it and look forward to it.” Ella Robinson, Client & Artist Liasion, Après Ski Bands, France.

“Large on luxe, small on the scale: more lavish detail, luxury look, over the top floral and decor with a smaller guest count.” Adds Denise O’ Neil, Owner, Denise Lillie Engagements, USA.

Adjmal Omari, Wedding Planner, Omari Events & Wedding Planner explains it right when he says that this year will be exceptionally exciting. “Last year we all had to take a break and enjoy our time at home, we could all switch off and so we were able to encourage new ideas and our creativity more. I think this mainly affects the decoration. The trend is towards unusual decorations, this could be seen in different table decorations. The tables will look more individual, and the trend will be towards wood: tables made of wood without a tablecloth. You ground yourself again and find the beautiful sides in the natural elements. Another trend, of course, is outdoor weddings. This trend has already come in the last few years and will necessarily take place in 2021. Here, too, you reconnect with nature. I also think that weddings are becoming more exclusive, not so many people will be invited. Instead, the focus is more on the experience itself. There will be many presentations for the eye, lots of decoration, lots of extras, food trucks, show interludes, etc. In 2021, event weddings will have a whole new meaning for guests too. Guests and the bridal couples will be able to enjoy weddings much more and, thanks to the extraordinary situation, also appreciate them much more.”

We couldn’t agree more with the experts.

destination wedding in Spain

#8. Out -of the -Box Entertainment

We can’t wait to go back to the dance floor…!

The world is 100% ready to dance again! Ella Robinson, Client & Artist Liasion, Après Ski Bands, France speaks for each of us when she says – “The wedding party! Everyone has been inside for so long and have had to change or cancel their plans – more than once for many couples. Music got us through the lockdowns. Online gigs have been our only source of entertainment – so wedding music and DJs will create the soundtrack to the most significant of days! Memories are made on the dance floor. So choose the band / DJ to get all of your guests up and dancing in this shared moment of absolute joy and celebration! Everyone has been apart for so long – make this moment count and remembered forever.”

However, when restrictions haven’t allowed for dancing, our couples have come up with alternative solutions that will be carried over to 2021, if needed.

Small group entertainment during weddings. (coming back to the old times regarding music) (string quartet, trio, duo and solo performances. More Performing arts with extensive use of themed designs relevant to the wedding theme.” Adds Roger A-Smith, GM, Music-A, Lebanon.

Karaoke booths, silent disco grids, games room, Broadway-style performances, illusionists, and even interactive experiences with exotic animals have been other ways to entertain guests.
If you can’t dance, improvise!

#9. Alfresco weddings

We love alfresco weddings. This trend goes so well with the weather in Marbella.
We have an average of 320 sunny days per year. Alfresco weddings allow the wedding party to enjoy the amazing natural settings be it by the sea or elsewhere in one of our beautiful garden/countryside venues.
A decoration trend we predict for our outdoor weddings: Tents.

They offer guests the intimacy and seclusion of a secret garden.

Scenic outdoor venues cover many aspects like for a couple who wanted destination weddings, not being able to travel, its perfect for couples who want to take the eco – friendly and sustainable approach and also ensures that government rules and regulations are being adhered to.” Shares Bhavnesh Sawhney, Co-founder, FB Celebrations, India.

“More focus on Al Fresco weddings- Outdoor and tropical locations will continue to thrive as a destination wedding choice,” emphasizes Will Medina, Travel Expert, Destination Weddings Expert, LLC, USA.

“Décor is likely to lean towards light and airy feel as outdoor venues will be preferred wherever possible. Couples are more receptive to experimenting with new & different themes and are also gravitating towards the use of fresh flowers and lighter colors.” Adds Trrishanth Sidhwaani, Director, DreamzKrraft – The Wedding Company, India.

#10. Pantone Color Weddings

With thePantone color for 2021 being Ultimate gray & Illuminating yellow, we expect an emphasis on creating a light, airy and super fresh feeling.

“A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness “, as defined by Pantone.
“A message of happiness supported by fortitude, the combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is aspirational and gives us hope. We need to feel that everything is going to get brighter – this is essential to the human spirit.”

Imagine a summer of blue skies, where outdoor weddings by the sea or the pool of exclusive venues will be the norm.

We look forward to that!

#11. Extended Wedding Experience

Couples want to offer a full immersive and interactive experience to their guests.
This trend has been going on for a few years now, mostly in the destination weddings world.
The wedding experience is the real deal. Except, not just the wedding day but the full weekend.

Couples and us all are so looking forward to being able to party with no worries.

We predict couples trying to reunite their guests on the wedding’s dinner rehearsal, so they meet and start celebrating.
The day after the wedding continues to be a relaxed event to close up the weekend. Maybe a BBQ by the pool or a paella brunch by the sea.

Standards are going up and budgets too.

As part of the experience, we see online streaming and virtual guests staying for a bit longer.
Technology is allowing guests that cannot be present to have a vivid experience and to not miss any important moment of the celebration.

“Extended wedding celebrations will be in. We believe the wedding won’t be just for a day event but the future couple will love to enjoy a 3-day or maybe a week where the closest family members if more when possible could share the moment of the wedding celebration. After staying apart during 2020, we believe the wedding event will be a reason to celebrate not only the bride and the groom in their new chapter but life in general.” Beautifully describes Sabrina Piccinin, CEO & Founder, Haute Retreats, Italy.

“Multiple days celebrations are also growing: the couples want to gather their friends and families for a several days festivities: welcome dinner, wedding, brunch, pool parties, farewell dinner or even several celebrations with different groups of guests.” Adds Chloé Atlan, CEO, Aava Wedding, France.

“Small weddings with lots of details will call for weddings that will be at least 3 days of celebration that will really take care of the guest.” Points Guadalupe Alvarrez, Director, Penzi Weddings, Mexico.

“Extended weekend celebrations with smaller guest lists. For couples that have always dreamt of an intimate wedding then 2021 is the year to do it. With fewer people to please and guests to entertain you are free to focus on what is really important to you as a couple. Have a clear vision for how you want your wedding to look and feel, but be willing to be flexible and make adjustments if needed.” Sums up Adam Galwas, Director, The Wedding Filmmakers Ltd, UK

We hope you have found our wedding trends report for 2021 interesting and inspiring.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone.
In 2021 we’re stronger, positive and more in love than ever.

Se reach out to start your planning journey. We’re ready to let the magic happen and to find solutions together!

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