9 Wedding Trends Marbella

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We have been talking to other wedding pros about the latest wedding trends we’re seeing in Marbella this wedding season.

If you’re planning your Marbella’s wedding and would like to be in the know about these brand-new fads our couples are asking about, this blog is for you.

Let’s get started!

#1. Out: Flower Walls | In: Hanging Florals

We all love flower walls right! Yet they have been so popular over the years that they’re starting to lose their wow factor.

In their place, we’re creating more and more hanging florals installations. Our décor crew focus on spreading the blooms out and moving the guest perspective upwards with their hanging florals.

The result: more movement, dramatism and excitement.

#2. Out: Cute Wedding Signs | In: Custom Signage

Signs like to “pick a seat, not a side” are cute, but they don’t have any practical purpose or help your guest in any way.

We’re helping our Marbella couples to work directly with their stationery or with our décor crew to come up with custom signs that relate to their invitation suite and colour palette. We try to make sure signs are useful either directing guests or providing information on the day.

Be careful as well with using too many signs…It can be confusing. So less is more in this department!

#3. Out: Matching Bridesmaid Dresses | In: Same Color, Different Styles

It’s no longer a must for the bridesmaids to wear matching dresses and shoes! This season brides are more flexible and modern.
Bridesmaids are asked to wear the dress style that fits them best. The only request is to stay within the colour palette preferred by the bride.

#4. Out: Mason Jars | In: Other Repurposed Items

We all agree. Mason jars have reached their expiration date. There are so many fabulous options out there in so many materials and shapes. You can bring fun or finesse into your wedding day décor. Whatever you prefer! Think of glass containers in different sizes and heights, terracotta pots or metal tins. The list is endless.

#5.Out: Wedding Favors | In: Extra Guest Experience

A thoughtful wedding favour goes a long way to show your guests your appreciation and gratefulness for being with you on your special day.

However, we see our couples choosing more and more an intense and unique guest experience over any favour.

Our brides and grooms are going over and beyond to provide the best experience for their guests. Extra games, entertainment, pre-wedding or post-wedding events, and a delicious choice of dishes are some of the ways in which our couples are adding value to their guest’s experience.
We feel that this trend, in particular, is here to stay for a long time!

#6. Out: Sit-Down Dinners | In: Creative Cocktail Receptions

It may come as a surprise but some of my couples for the 2021 and 2022 wedding season are doing away with tradition and substituting the sit-down long wedding reception with a more exciting and appetizing cocktail style reception. No longer the usual beef, fish and poultry but newer variations on these proteins, newer ingredients and seasonings and very original forms of presentation.

We work directly with our caterers to achieve the best assortment of dishes. Our catering people use the freshest local products only to ensure mouth-watering taste. Creativity is high as well. Exactly the right combination of factors to ensure a relaxed, stylish and delicious cocktail style reception for your wedding day.

#7. Out: Champagne Toast | In: Artisan Cocktail

Instead of the classic bubbly toast, we are sitting with our Marbella couples and bartenders to craft a personalized cocktail that speaks about their story and unique taste.
Then we arrange for servers to greet guests with this artisan beverage.
The Wow factor is a guarantee when toasting the bride and groom!

#8. Out: Fireworks | In: Unexpected Surprises

We can’t deny that there’s something magical about fireworks. Sadly, most fireworks are illegal. Some planners use sparklers as an alternative, but these can be dangerous as well. Remember that more often than not you’re mixing fire and guests who had a bit too much alcohol. Instead, we recommend our couples arrange for surprises along the way: special entertainment, a balloon drop, confetti cannons and so on. All your guests will enjoy the experience and there’ll be great expectations all along in a safe environment.
#9. Out: Dessert Buffet | In: Wedding Cake

For some time now couples have chosen dessert buffets over wedding cakes to be different. Now, however, the wedding cake is making a definitive come back which I have to say I’m so happy about.

What’s a wedding without a cake? And not any cake… Forget plain buttercream cakes or small symbolic options. Brides & grooms are going for tiered cakes that are a centrepiece on themselves and that taste as good as they look. Often there’s an intentional design behind the cake that complements the overall event style.

The most adventurous of our couples are opting for individual cakes for each setting or even an interactive wall display of mini cakes.

So, what do you think? Contact us if you want to plan together for a trendy & safe wedding experience in Marbella!

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